Culture Club


I realized that GB was starting something when, on Friday, he told me that he would be attending a meeting at church on Sunday. It was Friday, late morning. The meeting at church was on Sunday afternoon. It was too early in the day to give me a heads-up, no?

We hadn’t been to church since last year February, when we learned we would be first-time parents that November. We also hadn’t Continue reading

Good cop, bad cop


Tamara Nerima wishes she would live in her son’s head for just a day. Just one.

Nate is three. Tamara, every so often, posts her convos with Nate on her Facebook wall. (Do we still call them Walls?) These snippets of convo give us – her pals – glimpses into Nate’s mind.
It goes beyond kids saying the dandiest things – Tamara says that it is about her baby growing up too quick and right before her eyes.

Get this, on Monday, Tamara told us how Nate farted then went on to sing Maxi Priest’s Close to You. Tamara described the fart as the sound you would hear from a “dirt bike or nduthi”. Continue reading

Muna is born


Last October, a month before my daughter was born, I bought a watch from the kiddies section of the jeweller’s store on the third floor of Yaya. Rupa’s. Have you ever been? It’s a silly plastic watch. Q & Q. Water resist, 10 bar.  I would have preferred to show it to you in picture – the watch, not the store – to save myself the words to describe it – but that would have been one too many images for this post. (I need an active Instagram account, don’t I?)

It’s a silly plastic watch in matted pink and lavender. It has pink straps and lavender clasps. Its face is framed in pink and dotted with lavender bars. The minute hand is in blue, the hour hand in yellow and the second hand in red. In the background is two mushrooms Continue reading

In pursuit of happyness

Parenting Series I

Joy D’Souza kicks off our Parenting mini-series with a story about her daughter Xena and their blog. I am already subscribed and following. Are you?

Joy is 31, Xena is three and half. Joy is head of Research in a suity stockbrokerage firm, Xena is in play group. Joy’s current struggle is managing her time, Xena’s is singing lullabies to her baby sister.
Between them, they share a fierce love for glamming up in all things fashion.

(Check out their Instagram feed, by the way. I spent a better part of yesterday afternoon there. You also will.) Continue reading